I would like to know 3 things about you:

- what is your happiest childhood memory?
- What is your biggest fear?
- If the world would end tomorrow what would you like to be doing/ with who?

My answers:
- My happiest memory is when I was about 8 years old at my ant’s beach house. It was sunset time and I was playing on the sea shore, and behind me was my Grandmother sitting on a tree trunk, looking at me and protecting me.
- My biggest fear is to became unable to do things, to do what I want. Be stocked, disabled.
- If the world would end tomorrow I would like to be with and into the selvage nature, swimming with docile whiles or running with selvage horses.


This photo means a lot to me.
Here I share with you part of my lineage of women.
What a strange word “lineage” is. I’ve never stoped to think about it before. But recently, couple years ago, I started paying attention to the power of ancestry in my life (or ours lives). Our society left so much behind, along it the respect to traditions, and the connection to our ancestors.
In a way to built a free world and a free society we run from the past as if it was a prision. Instead one runs to the future as the resolution for all of our problems.
Neither one or another, we should see past and future with balance and same importance.
We can’t understand what we are today without knowing and understanding the past. And we can’t evolve if we don’t know what we are today.
So we have a broken present, based in an unwanted past and an unknown future (and overvalued).
I’m talking about society in a big perspective but, in a deeper point of view we have our own feelings, bodies, genetic, history. If you don’t know who your ancestors were, can you really know yourself?
Our gens holds a lot of past informations, even feelings rooted by generational way of thinking and acting. We really are copies of our parents / siblings / grandparents and their DNA and behavioral influences.
When I realized how many behaviors patterns I’ve got from my family members I started knowing me and them better. I asked myself why that person did that and how he/she felt in some important moments of their lives. I notice that what they suffered, if not released, healed and transformed, will afflict the life of their next generation, including (of course) me.
Our society forgot about that, but it is very important to recognize our ancestors, to respect them, to know what they went through and help them heal. That way we can clean some harmful genetic pattern and make a conscious path of self discovery and evolution.
In this photo I have women from my Mom’s side lineage: my Grandmother, my Mom, me, my cousin and my Aunt.
I appreciate my family’s past (from both sides)

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